The Lobby

A Lobby Designed
For Every Angle.

The lobby space is an entrypoint to the unlimited possibility this building holds for its residents. With elaborate lighting and striking materiality, this space is designed to leave a lasting impression from the moment you walk in. Showcasing the perfect blend of neutral colours and dramatic textures, it welcomes both residents and visitors to relish in the excitement of a brighter future.

Indoor Entertainment Lounge – Second Floor

Outdoor Entertainment Lounge – Second Floor

Bloor Viaduct – Facing South

Serenity From
The Outside In.

Connecting smart technology with nature’s beauty, the amenity lounge is much more than a shared space. It creates endless opportunities to create moments that can become lasting memories. The theatre room, expansive dining area and bar top are an integral part of the unrivalled ambiance this lounge provides. Views of the historic Rosedale Valley and Don Valley River are made possible by the expansive terrace that promises moments of peace and purpose.

Fitness Studio – Second Floor

More Space For
Better Wellness.

This fully equipped and functioning fitness facility is perfect for residents who seek support for their bodies through mindful movement or vigorous exercise. Nestled beside the indoor lounge, the fitness studio is an ideal place to recharge, relax and regenerate. For those who also thrive outside, Angular’s building location neighbours the Don Valley River and native Rosedale Valley. This fitness facility is an exceptional space that can enhance both indoor and outdoor exercise to provide a fulsome active experience.